Dear Mama Part 4 of 4

The story:

As we boarded the plane 100 thoughts crossed my mind: This would be the first time I had left home-left the state to go live elsewhere.

I had always had my comfort zone, my family, my friends, road and routes I had memorize. Almost 30 years of memories and now that would be taken away, 900 miles away.

New place, new people and new life. There was no looking back at this point. This was painful but it the best decision I could make for my family. The plane ride was mostly smooth with some turbulence here and there. -T- enjoyed the snacks the flight attendant offered and even asked for a second helping of cookies. Of course I was extremely scared because of my fear of heights brought about while I was a small child.

On the other hand -T- had no worries. His calm at 4 years old was contagious. He sat at the window and watch us take off. Without knowing all the ‘adult’ details of our departure he somehow knew moving would be the best choice for both of us. I learned that day that you can get a lot from a child even in their innocence. They lack worry and concern that plagues adulthood. He smiled and hugged me. I was his mother but he was comforting me. This role felt foreign. I somehow knew one day I would be here again perhaps in his adulthood.

-We landed. We excitedly excited the plane. Within moments I saw him. At that moment all my sadness and concern left. I became like -T- carefree.

The Point:

The best part about life is about new beginnings; starting over. The ability to do so makes us grow. If we don’t go through growing pains we might not live up to our best potential.

Pac_Rose That Grew_1280


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