I DO…3 years




(Almost) Every little girl imagines her wedding day…

Her dream dress. Her best friends by her side. Her dad walking her down the aisle. Family and Friends. The most amazing food. A day of pampering. The best reception music-dancing. A gorgeous cake. A HONEYMOON in an exotic place.

But, for me I didn’t really think about it. Marriage had been the furthest from my mind. As a child I was a tomboy and boys were yucky. As I grew into my teenage years and even in college my relationships had been less than marriage material. So I assumed I would never say ‘I do’.


Summer Fling

We hadn’t planned on dating. As teenagers we hardly did what is considered dating-more of a summer fling. But, within a few months we knew we wanted to be together forever, forever ever. What we didn’t know is how difficult marriage would be…


Plans Never go as Planned

I began to plan a wedding. I didn’t know where to start. But one thing I knew is you needed money. Money wasn’t something we had, well at least not enough to pay for a wedding. The time it would take to save for what we wanted would take forever, forever ever. At that point I wasn’t interest in the stress attached to weddings. So we made a choice. We went to the courthouse with plans of having a wedding later.


Later (2 years later)

The wedding I had planned never happened. I was crushed. I had spent so much time planning and told so many people. It was embarrassing to contact everyone who had received an invitation and let them know it was cancelled for circumstances beyond our control. But at this point I wanted a wedding. In adulthood I had finally imagined and dreamed about the day only to be disappointed. 



Today is my anniversary!!! 3 years ago I said ‘I do’ to my person.

 I never had a fancy wedding or a wedding in general. I’ve never been on a honeymoon. Things didn’t go as planned… but you know what,  I wouldn’t change a thing. Last year,(2 years in) I had almost forgot that marriage is more than a wedding and one day. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to take a different route(having a huge wedding) than us and still have a successful marriage. But the truth is many of us put so much emphasis on the wedding and miss the point of it all. Marriage is a lifelong commitment (if you’re lucky). After everything is said and done and the ceremony and reception are done and everyone is full as ticks and at home, it is just you two. In order for me to look beyond my wedding (or lack thereof) I had to realize something and mature as a woman and wife.

Today, our marriage is stronger than ever. No, it isn’t perfect and yes, we have our bad days and we don’t always agree. But, he is worth every bad day and every disagreement. Truthfully the good days far outweigh the bad.

Life with him brings me absolute joy and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else. With all of that said….

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my love for life and cheers to many more!

P.S. Happy Birthday Mommy 6.30.1963 I miss you everyday.

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