Dear #Philando


Hey Phil,

We didn’t know each other but I saw you #die….

on July 6, 2016 your life was so abruptly #taken and unlike many #others made into #hashtags it took its toll on me.

I watched with #millions of others as #Diamond broadcasted on #Facebook live, your demise. 

As you slumped over in the car I saw your life vanish and the #emptiness in your eyes. 

I had never seen anyone die before this…

Those bullets from those people whose purpose is to #protectandserve only served purpose to kill and hurt. 

At that moment I knew this situation was not too foreign to my life. At any moment your name #PhilandoCastile now #hashtag could be my dad, my husband, my cousins, my friends life who all hold the first amendment right licensed and close to their waist as you did.

 I was mortified.

This trigger happiness occurred without one moment of hesitation or benefit of doubt… because of the fear and #criminalization of our skin and our black men- #Beautiful black men that I cherish so much.

Two days before you left us, I imagined with the rest of us you celebrated ‘Mericas Independence.  Only for your liberties, justices, life and pursuit of happiness to be taken from you regardless of promises made by America’s forefathers…

IRONY. [We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created #equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable #Rights, that among these are #Life, #Liberty and the pursuit of #Happiness.]


I can’t watch the news when they talk about you. I can’t get that live video out of my head. I can only wonder what you would be doing right now. Probably eating leftovers from the 4th or hanging out with your family, friends or Diamond. Maybe even riding around town, enjoying life…..Fear and hate fill my heart. I wept for your mom and your sister. When I caught ‘NOT GUILTY’ across my twitter and Facebook feed a few weeks back I got SICK, physically sick. Sadly I knew your #hashtag would not be much different from those before you. This JUST-US-THEM system didn’t give you justice instead they justified your murder. Things like this make you lose faith yet I think it would do you a dishonor to lose faith…I want to continue to believe it will get better. I have to; otherwise I will continue to live in fear for my son, husband, father and the other black men in my life…

It might not mean much now that you’re gone but you were important and loved brother. I didn’t ‘know’ you but your were loved by me nonetheless.

On today, the anniversary of you leaving just-us, I celebrate your independence from injustice.

Rest well Phil…you were loved.


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