Self Care is Important

It’s been a while…

I took an unintentional break.

 & Life happens…

I had to PAUSE and reflect on the reasons why initially I felt compelled to share my life with whomever cares to read this blog. (A LOT.has.happened.since (I’ll talk about it in posts to come) BUT—let me just say LIFE has a funny way of pushing you in the most uncomfortable ways and absolutely throwing you into a tailspin, therefore leading to absolute uncertainty.

I started this BLOG with a plan. It was to be transparent, give a little testimony and advice (here and there), work on my writing, try some new things (clothes, products, makeup) and to brand myself( make $$)…



I got ‘busy’. I put it off again and again…I said ‘I’ll do it later or tomorrow or this weekend or next week.’ This turned into 3 months of drafts and unfinished posts and ideas. I was busy making sure to not disappoint everyone else and I stopped ‘SELF CARE’.

You see, writing for me is therapeutic…it’s intimate…it’s unrestricted. It’s the ONE thing I have that I don’t have to share, unless it pleases me to do so. And because it helps me in ways one couldn’t imagine, I promised myself that I will continue; FOR ME and not for the reasons I had previously…

So whether or not I get ‘branded’ or ‘sponsored’ or people read it, I will continue. Especially because, in the most recent months of my postpartum vulnerability (among other events), I’ve learned  ‘SELF CARE’ is important. And whatever it is that you need to do to provide yourself that unselfish necessity. DO IT.


“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” -Audre Lorde (A Burst of Light)

**My Self Care Tips**

  1. TAKE TIME TO YOURSELF– Spend time alone and enjoy your own company!
  2. RELAX– Find time in the day to just relax and sit still.
  3. LET GO(NOW)- You can’t control everything. Simple.
  4. SAY NO(You can do it)– Everything/body does not deserve a ‘YES’ from you.
  5. FOCUS(put that phone down)- Take time in your day and dedicate it to a goal without interruption.
  6. MAKE A SCHEDULE(or To-Do List)- It’s a helpful tool to keep yourself from being overwhelmed. I’ve talk about this before.
  7. SLEEP– Make this a priority. You are useless without rest.
  8. FIND A HOBBY– As if you need anything else to take your time. But try to…
  9. SMILE(Be Positive)– Life can prove to be tough enough; smile through it.

Be good to yourself…








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