body I’Mage

I had a baby in March….and I didn’t snap back.

Nothing snapped. Nothing went back.

After giving birth to my first child, I lost weight and ate any and everything I wanted…This time around things were different. |I didn’t feel like myself.

This summer, while in Houston with some friends from college FAMILY, we went out. This is something I haven’t done in a long time. I can’t lie I felt extremely self-conscious about my body. Although my husband tells me everyday how beautiful I am, my good  friend ‘B’ had to also remind me that I was BEAUTIFUL no matter what size and did what a good friend does; make me play dress up! Ha!

That weekend I stepped out of my funk and LIVED! Yasssss!

Here are my tips on how to feel confident with your body image especially if you are going through some physical changes

1. STOP looking to celebrities or even your friends as your “BODY GOALS” Both Beyoncé and Ciara had babies within months of mine and I found myself looking at them and then looking at myself. That was a mistake.

Credit: @Ciara Instagram
Beyonce the DAMN tourCredit:
Beyonce the DAMN tour Credit:

2. Make yourself up! Make yourself feel good! Whether that means putting on make up and getting a mani/pedi, having a spa day or putting on some sweatpants and spending time with your self. Self -esteem is about YOU.


3. You can do it! If you want to change something about yourself make a decision and change it! But don’t put so much pressure on yourself and cause stress! Find a gym or a hobby or change eating habits or take an enrichment course. Do what you need to do for yourself!


4. Love yourself! Realize that NO ONE is perfect, but you were made perfectly! Embrace all of your perfections!

A night in Houston



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