“I’m Blackity Black Black Black y’all”


It’s Black History Month.

I have memories of being a little girl at a predominantly white school and HATING black history month. I know; you are thinking, what black person HATES black history month?


The reason was because our black history months were usually filled with movies like ‘Jane Pittman’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ and never ending information about Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. But, that was it! That is how far our scope went. My text books had small excerpts of black history where slavery was a “misunderstanding”and slaves and their owners got along. Whenever a teacher would ask a question to test our understanding of what we read or saw, like a domino effect every face in the class turned to look at the black kids as if we had some VIP pass to black history or a doctorate in African-American studies. It was so embarrassing.


Being a black girl in an all white private school proved to be daunting. As a child you are always in a constant struggle of self doubt and self discovery. At school, I felt poor and disconnected. Back at home, I was the little girl who “sounded white” and the little black kids didn’t want to play with me. At that time, I didn’t realize the opportunity I had to get an education and be introduced to things on average I might not have been able to see. I wasn’t thankful for those people who made every step I took down that hallway possible. I didn’t understand because to me their struggle wasn’t mine. But what I didn’t understand at that time; was it was!


Nowadays, I am thankful and fortunate to have so much information on the rich history of my people. So now on this month and everyday of the year I am able to not only celebrate but now I can enjoy gaining knowledge and being prideful of black achievement and success and sharing it with my babies. I want them to be proud and know we are MORE than just slavery. I am so thankful for all of the sacrifices my people have made and are making in this country.









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